Terms and conditions




To ensure the safety of all members and assist with the smooth running of the Club, the following rules are to be always followed and members are required to abide by these rules.


The following Code of Conduct is applicable to all users of the facilities where Happy Days Gym Club holds its classes.

No activity, behaviour of any person must cause damage of any kind to any other person.
All Happy Days Gym Club property and equipment must be treated properly and always used with due care and attention. NO outdoor shoes are to be worn on any matted area or on equipment.
No person under the influence of drugs or alcohol is allowed on the school / venue premises
Eating and drinking is only permitted in selected areas outdoors as indicated by school signage
No other area including the playground, climbing frames, forest school areas are to be used by any members, siblings or adults whilst waiting.
No smoking is permitted in the gym or anywhere on the venue/school grounds.
All users are required to present a civil, non-aggressive attitude always. Complaints concerning any person’s alleged failures to observe any part of the above code of conduct should be made to the head / class coach.
Club discipline and behaviour is the responsibility of the coaches during the sessions. Outside of class times parents are responsible for their child's safety and conduct.
Before leaving a child, it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the child's gym session is taking place and we ask that children are not dropped off in the car park areas and asked to come in unattended.
In the older classes if you are happy and have asked your child to make their own way home due to living locally, please ensure that you inform the club before via email happydaysgymclub@gmail.com
If you need to arrange for another friend/ parent to pick up your child, please ensure that you notify the club via email / text (see above) and in addition to this please let the head coach know when dropping off your child.



It is the parents / guardian’s responsibility if their child has a known medical condition that may affect them during a gym class to regularly update this information by amending details on their child’s Class for Kids Account.  In addition to this if it has been recently updates then it is necessary to inform the lead coach before the class commences.



Please refrain from bringing your child to their class if they have been physically sick or had a bump to the head within 48 hours of their class start time.


Any child who requires an inhaler must have it clearly labelled with their name and it should be handed to the coach in charge at the start of the lesson for safe keeping and collected at the end.


Please bear in mind that Happy Days Gym Club operates from school premises and if the school takes the decision to close due to adverse weather conditions or for any other reason e.g., Power cut etc and is beyond our control and the gym classes must be cancelled for this reason you will be informed by email as soon as we are notified by the school of their decision. Where possible a replacement class will be offered, which maybe on an alternative day/time. If for any reason additional time is not available, no refunds will be given for any classes having to be cancelled.


You must declare if you DO NOT want your child to be photographed/videos which we use for marketing, and keep us up to date should this change by updating your information on the Class for Kids Platform & also emailing us at happydaysgymclub@gmail.com


At Happy Days Gym Club, we aim to offer quality gymnastics & movement classes which are both fun and educational to all therefore, as, and where possible, we try to cater for all special needs within our regular classes although if a child needs a 1:1 this may not be possible due to staffing restrictions and each case will need to be discussed on an individual basis.


Happy Days Gym Club reserve the right to remove from class, without refund, anyone who is found to be bullying, misbehaving, or displaying disruptive behaviour. Bullying is an antisocial behaviour which will not be tolerated in our club; it undermines the confidence, self-esteem and happiness of the victim and can lead to a lack of concentration, depression and in some cases leaving the club.

It is our aim to provide all members with a safe, happy, and fulfilling experience when attending our gymnastics club. We hope to help all our gymnasts achieve their potential by raising their self-esteem, giving positive feedback, and ensuring all sessions are structured and fun. We aim for all participants to work and therefore we do not tolerate competitive individual behaviour as every gymnast learns at different paces and all participants have varying skills.

Any concerns regarding bullying can be reported directly to our coaches. All concerns will be dealt with immediately. We will listen to both sides in private and record information to report to the parents/guardians of the children involved. We will involve the parents and children in deciding the outcome and any sanctions which may need to take place to ensure the bully changes their behaviour. In cases where bullying continues after warnings and sanctions, the bully will be asked to leave the club


Towards the end of each term parents/guardians will be sent a termly Invoice for the following term along with term dates. To secure your child's space in their current class all fees need to be paid in full by the cut-off date indicated. The Club is sympathetic towards individual problems therefore we are willing to discuss individuals’ methods of payment but with the understanding that all fees will be due for the term by a set date once discussed. Please email the Club at happydaysgymClub@gmail.com

Prompt payment is required using one of the following methods - Credit / debit card via the Class 4 Kids platform or alternatively making payment directly into the Club’s bank account. The Club reserves the right to terminate the membership of any person due to non- payment of fees.

Due to restricted spaces and staffing, Happy Days Gym Club does not offer to make up or arrange additional classes, which have been missed for any reason.


If for any reason a member wishes to leave the club, then they should inform the club via email at happydaygymclub@gmail.com giving at least 3 weeks’ notice.  This is so that we can offer the space to another child who maybe waiting within the club for an alternative day or time or a child on the waiting list.  

COVID – Gym Club Term 2 Nov’22 – Feb ‘23

 If we are forced to close the Gym Club due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic or any other event beyond our control, we reserve the right to move the remaining sessions of the term to a future date when it is deemed safe to resume classes. Please note that in exceptional circumstances this maybe on a different day/time or online. Therefore, there will be NO refunds for any remaining classes in the gym term.