Frequently asked questions




Where are we located?

The club currently runs from 2 different venues, Charlton Kings Infant School and Warden Hill Primary School.

Can I book a trial?

We don't currently run one off trial sessions as we have found from experience that having children coming in and out of sessions can be disruptive to the group. In addition to this sometimes children need a couple of sessions to get used to the activities and structure of our classes.

Do you have Parking?

Yes, there is parking at both venues, although during February to March there will be disruption at our Warden Hill Venue due to the building works and moving into the New school buildings.   

Do I need to stay at the club during my child's class?

Due to other school activities going on and security, the schools have asked that we don't have parents in the buildings apart from our parent & child session held on a Saturday morning.  Many parents are happy to drop off and pick up at the set entrance & exits points but for the younger pre-school children we suggest that parents stay close by until they are settled.

Why do the classes vary in duration?

We find that the younger children are better and more focused with the 40 minute duration as the classes are full of skill-based activities and we like to keep them on task so maximising the time.  The duration increases with age and ability.

What does my child need to wear?

For safety of both children and coaches we ask that the children are dressed appropriately for the gymnastic activities.

Club Uniform

We do have our own custom-made club kit that can be ordered using the following link (insert love admin link to shop) but this is not a requirement to attend our classes.

Pre Schoolers: No jeans, skirts, dresses or tights allowed 

Girls:  Leotard, leggings and T-shirt, please ensure no crop tops unless under a T-shirt that is long enough to be tucked in.

Boys: Unitard and shorts / T-shirt and shorts that are non-restrictive


Long hair is a hazard and should be securely tied back to avoid any accidents. All earrings, jewellery and watches should be removed.

Do you have competitions / workshops?

We have an in-house recreational competition once or twice a year for the general classes that the children have a choice of attending. Details are sent out and if your child wants to attend, they can book on.

We also hold regular workshops allowing the children to book on to get extra time and focus on different skills and apparatus activities.

When and where do your classes run?

To view our current timetable please use the following (link to page)