Parent & Child: Age Group: 20 months to 3 years

The Wrigglers Class is a great parent and child group, to help introduce them to gymnastics movements and apparatus. They will learn walking and balancing, jumping and landing, and rhythm with music.

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This class is for ages from 20 months to 3 years, and is semi-structured, with an introduction of a warm up using songs, rhymes and movement-related activities. We then introduce small hand apparatus activities, allowing children to get to grips with a range of items, and allowing time to build and enhance social relationships for both parent and child. Music plays a role in the program to encourage the child with rhythm and co-ordination, and the session ends with a whole class activity.

REWARDS / AWARDS:  British Gymnastics Fundamentals

The Fundamental reward/Award is centred on 16 different themes with songs, colours and counting to support movement skills. This early years movement program is split into 2 areas parent & child and independent. It has been designed and developed by British Gymnastics alongside early years specialists to aid toddlers – 3 years to acquire essential physical, emotional and social life skills.



The program has six learning goals


  • Physical
  • Social
  • Linguistic
  • Intellectual
  • Creative
  • Educational

Each week of term has a focus on one of the following 10 areas: Warm up, balance, loco motor, educational, action rhyme, coordination, rolling, rebound, large apparatus, cool down).

On successful participation of the required number of weeks and activities covered, parents will be given the opportunity to purchase the themed badge & certificate that accompanies the award.