Gyminies: Age Group: 4.5 to 6 years

This group helps children build on their strength, flexibility and body awareness, and helps them transition from pre-school to infant school stage, with lots of apparatus to try, including the bars, vault, bench, and beam.

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This group is for children in the Reception Year at school, and helps children in this age range with the natural transition from pre-school activities to the young infant stage. The class includes introduction and reinforcement of gymnastic and movement skills and associated language.  Specific planned activities continue to build on strength, flexibility and body awareness preparation, which are essential for the further development of safe, progressive gymnastic skills. Through a variety of large apparatus set-ups children have the opportunity to consolidate a range of activities.

AWARDS: BGA Pre Core Proficiency Award Scheme

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8 Levels of achievement starting at level 8 up to level 1. The British Gymnastics Core Proficiency Awards provides further development with gymnastic skills. Both coaches and Educational Professionals of British Gymnastics have developed these awards and the Association also endorses it for Physical Education, underpinning the teaching of Gymnastics within the National Curriculum.

What are the benefits?

  • The award scheme offers progressive programs with several different types of activity and levels of attainment.
  • Provides a sound framework for the progressive development of core gymnastics skills such as strength, flexibility and coordination.
  • Promotes a healthy and active lifestyle and forms a basis for physical literacy development and provides skills and movement actions necessary for other land based sports.
  • Provides gymnasts with motivation, encouragement and reward for skills gained.

How are the Awards tested?

All children are required to obtain 6 out of 10 skills although the 1st skill on each badge level is based on cardio/pulse raising activity is compulsory. The British Gymnastics Association sets out testing guidelines and skills need to be accomplished competently before moving onto the next level.  Once the child has achieved the required number of skills you will be notified and a badge & certificate that accompanies each level will be available for purchase.