Bouncing Bugs: Age Group: 3 to 4.5 years

A fun and joyful class, where children learn independent of parent/carer participation. They’ll continue developing movement skills, grip strength, rhythm and movement, and coordination.

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 Gymnastics club in Cheltenham

Bouncing Bugs

These sessions last 45 minutes, and help with enhancement of all developmental phases and the levels of Gymnastics and Movement increases through age appropriate skills. The skills include rolling, balancing, height, grip, strength and inversions. We use action songs in the warm up of the lessons and these play an important part of the class, helping further develop rhythm, movement and coordination skills. In the older 3 and 4 years groups, we set parts of the lesson for child-initiated learning approach.

REWARDS / AWARDS: British Gymnastics Fundamentals

3 levels of Achievement

  • Level 1 – 4 skills from each category
  • Level 2 – 7 skills from each
  • Level 3 – 10 skills from each

During each term the children work towards the above award scheme. This award scheme helps to develop basic movement skills that play an essential role in everyday life, as well as underpinning future developments in sports skills.

A selection of 40 movement activities from the scheme assist in the development of fundamental movement relevant to gymnastics, such as running, jumping, landing, hanging, support on hands, swinging, upside down, rotation, throwing and catching etc.

Every activity has been designated to one of 3 fundamental building blocks that establish the (Action, Balance, Co-ordination) of gymnastics.

  • Action (12 skills): – These are natural movements using large muscle groups, general locomotion and have a pulse raising effect.
  • Balance (12 skills): – Include activities where static or dynamic balance is essential for successful completion of the activity.
  • Co-ordination (16 skills): – Involves basic gymnastics related activities that provide a wide basis for future skill development.

Each of the activities categories has a range of developments and variations within them. These are intended to give some indication to the breadth of experience and challenges necessary to provide rounded development, and the breadth of experience and challenges necessary to provide rounded development.